Custom horse head keychain or necklace with YOUR own horse's hair in the mold and YOUR own horse's color and markings!! After you order, you should receive an email explaining how and where to mail in your horse's hair (if you choose to add your horse's hair), so we can begin creating your memorable piece! This piece takes 5-10 strands that are at least 4 inches long or 2-3 strands that are at least 2 feet long! Please keep in mind, it is better to have more than enough rather than not enough! Also, please email or mail in a picture of your horse that looks as close to the angle of the horse head on the keychain as possible!


Contact us at ropenlope11@gmail if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for considering to do business with Rope N' Lope! God Bless!

Custom Horse Head

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